Reach the Stars - Be a Star

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Without a vision, a nation will perish.  So it is with us - each individual.  IF we don't have dreams and goals, then we wither.  No one advances in life by accident.  We must have vision.  Just think about all of the great ideas and inventions of life.  They didn't just <poof> and happen.  They began as a little idea.  BUT, what is important is what was done with that little idea. 

Nurture and water your dreams.  Make determination and perseverance part of your life.  Success isn't over night.  It takes time.  It takes vision.  All achievements are reached by a dream.  Put into action a plan that will energize your dreams.  But, first, you must dream.

And, don't be afraid to dream BIG!  There is nothing at all wrong with having a vision to reach the stars.  The stars are our aspirations.  If we didn't have the stars to reach for, we wouldn't accomplish much.  It was, and is, because of big dreamers with big visions that we have great accomplishments in this world. 

And, so it is with you.... YOU can be a star!  You can be a star to someone, and to this world!  Dream big, make a difference in the lives of others, inspire others with your walk, be the light in someone's life.  There are so many areas of life that you can be a star, but it takes vision and a desire.

 Don't die on the vine,
BUT skid into eternity leaving a trail of star dust behind you for others to have!
You CAN reach the stars.... and you can be a star which inspires others to dream.

Living a beautiful life begins with vision. 


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