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What is your Hope?

My Hope in Christ eliminates all worry in my life.
 This world is not my home. I have a GLORIOUS existence waiting for me! When my loved ones in Christ pass away, I KNOW I will see them again. Better yet, I will BE WITH THEM for all eternity!

Death is not a period, but a comma in life. We all will live an eternity somewhere--- but the decision is NOW as to where that place will be. 

I'm so comforted to know my mansion is being prepared for me right now by the King of Kings, & I WILL BE WITH MY LOVED ONES & JESUS!

What do YOU have to look forward to?


Change your perspective-change your attitude.... 
and your life will change!

It WORKED for ME! :) xoxo

Now, get going!


Your Heart....

Your HEART is what makes the difference....
not your looks.

Positive Focus!

Find..... "YOUR" POSITIVE and FOCUS on it!

Doubt is a Thief!

Don't let DOUBT steal your DREAMS......
>>>Doubt will fade
>>>>Time will pass
>>>>>And you'll be left holding your DREAMS.

~ ~ LIVE TODAY! ~ ~

2013 NEW Beginnings: Launch of Spruce's blog!

This blog has been a long time coming, and I'm finally here!!

<< 2013 signifies NEW beginnings for Spruce Dickerson, Miss Plus America Elite 2011 >>
I am excited to usher in this new year as I have been seriously preparing for my new season of life!  I closed my business of 16 years a couple of months ago, and am ready to run full steam ahead with my motivational speaking, emceeing, and modeling career!  SPRUCE DICKERSON ENTERPRISES has been birthed!!

 The Lord tells me:  "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has planned for those who love him." (1Corinthians 2:9)  Well.... I do love him, so that only means he has plans that are going to blow me away!!  And, I'm ready!!

2012 was a great year of deeper self-discovery.  A journey of growth that has been exciting thus far, and I look so very forward to more and more of it!

So much swirling around in my heart and head that I want to share with you for encouragement and inspiration…