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Believing ... is Where Change Begins

Making strides!!!  Valiant Comics publishes the FIRST .... PLUS SIZE female Superhero comic book!!  However, not so sure about her superhero costume.  That could be worked on. LOL  But, this is a remarkable first step.

And, the one thing I am appreciative of about this.... is that the character isn't the "market" plus-size.  This superhero is depicting a plus-size woman who often gets forgotten about...the larger full figured woman.  So, thank you Valiant Comics and Jody Houser.  Thank you for recognizing and incorporating a community within a community.  Yes, it is difficult to represent every shape and size, but I believe you are spot on with this representation, which does speak for the larger community of women who are just as important as our smaller counterpart.

Within the world of womanhood, whether it's fashion, pageantry, beauty, business, motherhood, etc., it's not about "size"; it's about loving and believing in yourself.  When you do …