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Plus size Miss Universe contestant.... is there room for this?

Congratulations to Mirella Paz on becoming an official  MISS UNIVERSE Peru 2016 contestant! AND....she's plus size!! Making strides!!!
What are YOUR thoughts on this, though?
Should pageants be segregated by size?  What if the shoe were on the opposite foot?  Would thin contestants be welcomed in a plus size pageant?What does the criteria for competing look like with this?If plus size is going to be allowed, should there be a weight/size limit?  If women are "all equal", then how can there be a limit on weight/size?How does one judge a thin contestant against a full figured contestant?Weigh in below in the comment section.  I'm curious as to what your thoughts are.

#loveWHOyouareWHEREyouare but #workonbeinghealthy #beautyisforall #missuniverseperu

It's not about ourselves

Just finished watching Mirror Mirror with Lily Collins, Julia Roberts, and Armie Hammer.  So good.
Snow White reminds us that LOVE is the key to the kingdom.  Love triumphs over evil and breaks all spells. ♥
It should never be about ourselves, but always about others.

Just take into consideration that if others would think about you, and help you, then you'll be taken care of.  And, vice versa.  If we all went around only thinking about our own needs and how we can satisfy "self", how empty we would all be.  Think about that for a minute.  None of us are an island unto ourselves.  We were created for each other.  No, not dependent on each other, but inter-dependent.  We alone, can't satisfy all our needs.  Reflect on how richer your life is when there are others participating in it.  And, that's what happens when you give your love to others, as well.

Love is the key..... ♥
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