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PREPARATION for what is to come...

I wrote the below entry earlier in 2015 and not sure why I didn't post it. But, it has been in draft all this time.  Well, it's just as relevant now as it was then, so it's being published STAT! :)  I read it and it immediately encouraged me.  So, my apologies for withholding something that was given to me to bless others.  ~Spruce

Simple as that......PREPARATION. I've had a revelation this evening that all the great ideas I get; too many to ever implement, are preparing my heart and mind for what is to come in my future.  When I tell you that I get an over abundance of ideas of what I want to do, how I want to help others, how to use my gifts and talents, what I want my future to look like, how I want to make a difference, and on and on and on; I'm not joking.  And, what follows the receiving of such great ideas is an aftermath of frustration.  Frustration because I certainly cannot implement all t…