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PREPARATION for what is to come...

I wrote the below entry earlier in 2015 and not sure why I didn't post it. But, it has been in draft all this time.  Well, it's just as relevant now as it was then, so it's being published STAT! :)  I read it and it immediately encouraged me.  So, my apologies for withholding something that was given to me to bless others.  ~Spruce

Simple as that......PREPARATION. I've had a revelation this evening that all the great ideas I get; too many to ever implement, are preparing my heart and mind for what is to come in my future.  When I tell you that I get an over abundance of ideas of what I want to do, how I want to help others, how to use my gifts and talents, what I want my future to look like, how I want to make a difference, and on and on and on; I'm not joking.  And, what follows the receiving of such great ideas is an aftermath of frustration.  Frustration because I certainly cannot implement all t…

Choose Today to Improve Tomorrow

I encourage everyone to take that first step. To haveDetermination and Perseverance.  To CHOOSE to live.  If I hadn't done these things, my TODAY would not look like it does.  The opportunities that I am blessed with TODAY; the journey that I am traveling all because I said "Yes" in my YESTERDAY!
Don't let anyone, not anyone, hold you back from what you believe is the right path and purpose for you.  Of course, use discernment and listen to sound advice, but ultimately.... you must CHOOSE to live.  No one can do it for you.  It's up to YOU.  
My TODAY is a result of my YESTERDAY.  And, I can say with actions in my YESTERDAY did improve my TOMORROWS. :)  
What will your choice be TODAY... for your TOMORROW?

2015.... New Year!

Okay, I've resurrected my blog!  YAY!  I'm excited about this.  :)

Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!... my heartfelt words of love.  I hope something here can, and will, help you along in your journey.  These will be thoughts of experience and wisdom which I have lived, and have helped me in my journey.  So, I gift them to you in hopes of inspiring and encouraging your life. ♥

2015 is the year of Spruce-KISSES...
so, here we gooooo.....XXXXXXX!!! ;)

My love to all whose eyes receive my heart through this blog,