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MISS AMERICA swimsuit/evening gown elimination

Here is my take on the swimsuit/evening gown competition being eliminated from the Miss America pageant.  I have been on the fence about it, sitting with my thoughts and trying to formulate my opinion.  I have come to an opinion. 

<<< SWIMSUIT elimination >>>

     As a conservative, Christian woman, you would think I'd be for eliminating the swimsuit competition, but I am not.  Well, in part I'm not.  Let me explain, and then offer my idea of resolution to this issue....

     I feel the swimsuit competition exists to exhibit the healthy component of a person.  To be judged on a woman's self-discipline of health and physical fitness.  Which I feel the health component is important.  It is equally as important as the emotional, spiritual, mental, intellectual component of a person.  It is important for a person to be as balanced as possible in all areas of life, not just in one area, such as only the intellectual component which the reorganized MAO has…

Sin-living Fellowship

As Believers, can we live in sin and live in fellowship with Christ? 
 It can't be done. 

"Living" in sin is not living in fellowship with Christ. When one is living in sin, he/she is out of fellowship with the Lord.  He can't look upon sin.  Yes, as Believers, we are forgiven of our sins when we accept Jesus as our Savior, and God sees our sins no more; but I'm not talking about that.  I'm talking about walking in fellowship with Him.

<< Diminished Relationship >>

God is a perfect and holy God, and cannot look upon sin.  So, as Believers, when we sin, it causes us to diminish our relationship with Him.  That is why we need to always ask for forgiveness.... to keep the relationship and communication with God open.  No one is sinless on this earth.  We are not perfect.  We do sin.  That is why we need to ask forgiveness of all that we do in opposition to living how God intends for us to live.

Think about it this way.... when a child is disobedient to…

Live Your Dash - and Arrive!

Dash - Arrived?  Dash - Arrived?  Dash - Arrived?
I don't believe that we ever "arrive in life".  Why?  Because life is ever-changing, ever-evolving.  There are new lessons to learn, new adventures to explore, new gardens to cultivate, and yes, new valleys to tread.  We may reach a goal, but "arrived"? -- even that goal will come with newness of life. 

So, consider having "arrived" when you take your last breath.  This is when you have, indeed, arrived at your final eternal destination.  Until then --- live your "dash" between arriving in this world and arriving at your final destination!  Embrace your journey and glean the pearls.  Then... share those pearls of wisdom with others as your legacy.   

As you arrive in eternity, you will have made your earthly arrival through your legacy.  

Live your dash... and arrive!
Having "arrived" with a legacy is having lived a beautiful life. ♥