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Journey to Accept Yourself

ACCEPT YOURSELF as you are...continually working on growing and bettering yourself. As I was journaling this morning, it became apparent that I had a difficult time accepting who God created me to be.  I still am a work in progress on this, too. 

Since my life-changing decision in 2007 to seek out how to share what's in my heart with others, I embarked on a journey of discovering, AND ACCEPTING, my gifts God created me with.  They are there for a purpose!

This journey of self-discovery and acceptance, and embracing it, has been tremendous.  It almost takes my breath away to look back and see the journey traveled.  I definitely have so much more growing to do, so much more to learn, but the journey is worth it.  The journey is what it's all about!

I encourage every woman to embrace who you are.  You were created the way you are for a reason.  Embark on that wonderful journey of self-discovery, & of how to use your gifts to serve others!

*Thankful for the journey.
*Thankful fo…

Who or What are You Rooted in?

When the storms of life blow through, will your Roots hold its ground? Or, will you be uprooted & tossed about like a rag doll?
Who, or What, do you turn to when life fails you?  When life is so stormy it's all you can do to hold on? Do you depend on a person to be Rooted?  Do you turn to a remedy-something you can do to be Rooted? What happens when that person isn't there?  Maybe they passed away.  Maybe they are out of the country.  Maybe they have issues of their own at the time and can't deal with your storm. What about the next time you argue with your "Root"?  That's a little disappointing to have to fight with your foundation...someone you trust won't hurt you.  But, in reality, they do.  That person who is your Root, will let you down.  They will disappoint you time and time again, and leave you feeling vulnerable, alone, insecure and unsecured. Okay, so what about a remedy to be Rooted in?  Do you exercise, or eat, or drug, or drink, have sex,…

Dead Battery

DEAD BATTERY? What are you hooking up to for a RECHARGE? Life isn't in any person, any thing, or any activity. These things fade away & disappoint. Look to the GIVER of life & remove yourself from the merry-go-round of the continual "dead battery" syndrome.  Life doesn't have to be lived this way.
"... And the breath of the Almighty gives me life." ~Job 33:4

Interview on THE CURVY TIMES BlogRadio Talk Show

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"...Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus."  ~Phil. 3:13-14

Such an impactful passage of scripture.  Every one of us at some point in life get hung up with our past.  Whether it be good or bad.  But, the Bible plainly tells us to "forget the past".   It tells us to "strain" toward our future.  In the original language, "straining" means to "reach for"; as if you're reaching for something.  Visualize yourself extending your arm & reaching out for something.  This is what the Bible is telling us to do! 

"Forgetting" in the original root language means to be "unaware".  So, the Bible tells us to not get caught up in / live in, our past.  It tells us to move on with our lives, making a difference in this world as we live each day, focusing on our glorious future with Christ.  Our ultimate a…