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God's Word for Comfort

When you're scared,
When you're lonely,
When you don't know what to do...
Here's where to look in the Bible for comfort and assurance:

You're LONELY:
John 14:18Revelation 3:202 Corinthians 14:27 _______________________________________________

You're AFRAID:
Luke 12:29-32Hebrews 13:6John 14:27 _______________________________________________

Problems seem too big for you to handle:
John 16:33Matthew 11:28Philippians 4:13 _______________________________________________

You don't know what to do:
1 Peter 5:7James 1:5-6Philippians 4:9 ______________________________________________

You've lost hope:
John 3:16Isaiah 43:2-3Philippians 4:19
The comfort of Jesus will give you a Beautiful Life.