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Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

WAITING on the doctor!  There isn't anything more frustrating than waiting in the doctor's office for him to see you!  You know what I'm saying.

Most all of us have been there at one point or other.  Whether it is for ourselves, or with the children, or with our elderly parents for their doctors' appointments; you almost want to to just get up and leave!  That is what I am resisting to do right now!  It has been over 30 minutes of waiting!  umpf

BUT... how many times in our lives has God waited on us? He waits and waits and waits for His child to turn their life around. Or, waits for His creation to seek Him (Jeremiah 29:13). Or, waits for His children to set about discovering the plan He has for them. I bet God gets frustrated, just as we do when we are waiting on the doctor. 
So, as we wait on people and things in our lives, let us remember the mercy and grace God bestows to us, as HE waits.  And, really ponder what "mercy and grace" means.  These are not words …

Yellow Light Awareness

Yellow does not mean speed up.  It means slow down.  
When you get the yellow light in your life, take heed to what is going on. Is it your health, your family, your husband/wife, the children?  Could it be your business, your friends, your spiritual condition, or your finances?  You have gotten the yellow light for a reason.  Don't ignore it, thinking it is unimportant.  Without the yellow light, there would be a whole lot of wrecks!  You have the control of avoiding those wrecks in your life by paying attention to the yellow light... and slowing down and attending to business.