Keep Watch

No sleeping on the job...
"Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak." (Mark 14:38)  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Human condition is to fall prey to temptation. We must constantly be vigilant in watching out for, and fighting, those elements of life that want to draw us into an unrighteous life, or momentary lapse of judgement.
Most of us know what our weaknesses are; and some of those weaknesses will be a lifelong battle. But, if we stay prayed up, don our spiritual armor, surround ourselves with supporters, and consciously fight the battle... we will persevere with victory!
We won't get out of this world without a battle, but we can have a peace and contentment while fighting that battle!
Love, Live, and Give... and RISE!

God's Waiting Room

The most difficult place to be in life is in God's waiting room.  What is God's waiting room, you ask?  When we're in a hurry for something to happen and God isn't.
>>>> God allows delays in life to:
1.  Test our faith (will we trust Him)
2.  Build characterGod needs to grow us, in order to prepare us for what He has planned. Just know...God is always working on your behalf, in all circumstances and situations!  You are loved! 💗 (inspired by sermon of Pastor Rick Warren)

2019 Tips for Making a Difference

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019!!! 🎉
How will you make a difference in the lives of others this year?

Some 2019 Tips for making a difference:
(and, you don't necessarily have to "go")

* Pray for and with someone 🙏
* Listen to them
* Talk with them
* Bible study with someone 📖
* Give/Donate monetarily
* Give/Donate your possessions
* Be a driver 🚗
* Share a meal
* Mourn with them
* Laugh with them
* Give your smile, hug, compassionate touch
* Discover your passion and volunteer with a charity that speaks to your heart 💗
* Bake cookies and give 🍪

And, so much more we can do and be!   BUT, most importantly... be available in heart and mind to help ease another's journey.  We all need each other. 💗

Have a GREAT 2019!! ! 🙌

Face Washing and Prayer

Have you ever thought about how washing your face and prayer are synonymous?   Neither had I until this morning when the Lord dropped this realization in on me!
When we wash our face, what are we doing?  The process of washing is removing the dead skin cells and dirt.  It is getting rid of the old, for the new to shine.

>>>> Just like prayer.  As Believers, when we pray and ask the Lord for forgiveness, He forgives; washing away the dead skin cells and dirt of daily disobedience.  Daily prayer and asking for forgiveness keeps the communication open between ourselves and our heavenly Father.  We're not asking for forgiveness unto salvation; that was a one and done -- once saved always saved.  Daily asking for forgiveness is so that we can stay in communication with heaven, draw closer to God, become more sensitive to the working of the Holy Spirit, etc.  If we carry on with unwashed dirt, it hampers our shine and dulls the voice of o…

The "Mystery" of Christ

The "mystery" of Christ is .... The Church!

<><><><><><><><><><><><><> Ephesians 3:2-10

CHURCH = born again believers in Jesus Christ 
                   It is the active plan of God for unifying Jesus-believing Jews and Jesus-believing Gentiles into "one body" = the Church of Jesus Christ. (Eph. 3:2-6)  How exciting is this?!   A unified body of "one" to do the Lord's work!


This mystery was hidden to past generations, a secret; until it was revealed by the Spirit to God's apostles and prophets (for preaching and teaching). (v. 5) (Eph. 2:20)

>>>>> Past Generations:  Old Testament
                    The mystery of the Church was hidden, a secret, in the OT because Jesus had not come, yet.  Though, it was prophesied in the OT (Romans 15:9-12) that Gentiles …

*** Post pageant message to Queens ***


MISS AMERICA swimsuit/evening gown elimination

Here is my take on the swimsuit/evening gown competition being eliminated from the Miss America pageant.  I have been on the fence about it, sitting with my thoughts and trying to formulate my opinion.  I have come to an opinion. 

<<< SWIMSUIT elimination >>>

     As a conservative, Christian woman, you would think I'd be for eliminating the swimsuit competition, but I am not.  Well, in part I'm not.  Let me explain, and then offer my idea of resolution to this issue....

     I feel the swimsuit competition exists to exhibit the healthy component of a person.  To be judged on a woman's self-discipline of health and physical fitness.  Which I feel the health component is important.  It is equally as important as the emotional, spiritual, mental, intellectual component of a person.  It is important for a person to be as balanced as possible in all areas of life, not just in one area, such as only the intellectual component which the reorganized MAO has…