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Start Living!

It has been a busy past few days! I so enjoyed judging the Miss Plus Prairie View A&M University pageant, attending & supporting a charity fundraiser gala, modeling in a Bridal Expo fashion show, & having collaborating meetings on 2 projects!

All this to say that just because I'm plus size doesn't mean I have to stop living life. Just because I'm plus size doesn't mean I can't MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Yes, I certainly DO have input into society by the brain & heart I have. Yes, I do have beauty to my hips & confidence to my walk. Yes, I am worthy even as a full figured woman! And, YES.... I CAN make a difference as a full figured woman in fashion, in business, & any other avenue my MIND sets itself on.

STOP falling prey to society's idea of what beauty & worth is, ladies.

A few years ago I made the decision to seize life & start living; to love WHO I was WHERE I was. I encourage ALL women to do the same. You will be d…

Maintaining our vessels

Does your oil need to be changed, or your tires balanced?

It's wise for us to visit the garage for mending & maintenance on our bodily vessels. Whether it's spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical; whatever it is... let's keep a check on the balance in our lives. Let's prevent the CHECK ENGINE light from coming on!

Keeping balanced leads to being more productive.... Physically AND Mentally!


God knows...

When things are not allowed to happen, it's for our own good.  I don't know what's in my tomorrow, but God does.  And, He has ONLY good & what's BEST for me.  When trials do assail, He promises me that ALL things work together for the good.  That slamming door was obviously a huge NO.  I must trust Him on it.

I must COMPLETELY rely on His guidance & not on MY wants.  "My" ways are not His ways.  "My" thoughts are not His thoughts.  But, I strive daily in growing to have the mind of Christ.  Growing pains, learning curves, attacks from the enemy can be frustrating.  But, if I totally rely on "He who lives within me is greater than he that is within the world", then I will have peace with whatever door closes..... or simply, one that doesn't open.  God knows... period.