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Give... so that others can Live! ♥

VOLUNTEERISM: Give... so that others can Live!
$1.00.  That's all.  $1.00!  And, we can give Hope, Love, and Encouragement to the poor and orphans throughout the world through $1.00 flip flops; at the same time, helping to protect their feet from infections.

We don't have to give an arm and a leg in order to make a difference.  Give from your HEART.  Give with integrity.  Give in genuine love.  Just give what you can.  That may only be a SMILE....but a smile can save a life. ♥  It may only be PRAYER.....but prayer can save a soul. ♥  It may only be $1.00....but that $1.00 dollar can buy a pair of flip flops and give hope to a people who struggle to find it.
What is YOUR Give?
In Love, Live and Give!, ~ SPRUCE ~
To donate to Flip Flop to the World 1.  PayPal account:
2.  Mail:   Spruce Dickerson Enterprises P. O. Box 17292 Austin, Texas  78760

Re-Route Through Failure (Live)

Re-Route?  But, doesn't this indicate failure?  Doesn't this say "you couldn't do it"?  
So what if it does?  Re-routing is okay.  Failing is okay.  Embrace failing.  Not being able to do something is okay.  It is through failings we understand we aren't perfect; that we do make wrong decisions and mistakes.  And, wrong decisions leads us to right decisions.  Wrong decisions leads us to where we need to go and where we need to be.  I'm thankful for failing....because it takes me to a deeper search for understanding.  It causes me to ponder "why" did I fail in my decision, or in my quest.  And, when we go deeper, we grow wiser, stronger and in character.

Also, some things are meant for some people, and some things are not.  The process of your life's journey is to find out what works for YOU, not to follow the "fad" or "what's cool" or even what someone else says you should do.  Search YOU, and find out what works for …