Give... so that others can Live! ♥


VOLUNTEERISM: Give... so that others can Live!

$1.00.  That's all.  $1.00!  And, we can give Hope, Love, and Encouragement to the poor and orphans throughout the world through $1.00 flip flops; at the same time, helping to protect their feet from infections.


We don't have to give an arm and a leg in order to make a difference.  Give from your HEART.  Give with integrity.  Give in genuine love.  Just give what you can.  That may only be a SMILE....but a smile can save a life.  It may only be PRAYER.....but prayer can save a soul.  It may only be $1.00....but that $1.00 dollar can buy a pair of flip flops and give hope to a people who struggle to find it.

What is YOUR Give?

In Love, Live and Give!,

To donate to Flip Flop to the World
1.  PayPal account:

2.  Mail:  
Spruce Dickerson Enterprises
P. O. Box 17292
Austin, Texas  78760


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