Start Living!

It has been a busy past few days! I so enjoyed judging the Miss Plus Prairie View A&M University pageant, attending & supporting a charity fundraiser gala, modeling in a Bridal Expo fashion show, & having collaborating meetings on 2 projects!

All this to say that just because I'm plus size doesn't mean I have to stop living life. Just because I'm plus size doesn't mean I can't MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Yes, I certainly DO have input into society by the brain & heart I have. Yes, I do have beauty to my hips & confidence to my walk. Yes, I am worthy even as a full figured woman! And, YES.... I CAN make a difference as a full figured woman in fashion, in business, & any other avenue my MIND sets itself on.

STOP falling prey to society's idea of what beauty & worth is, ladies.

A few years ago I made the decision to seize life & start living; to love WHO I was WHERE I was. I encourage ALL women to do the same. You will be delightedly excited at the results!

Seek opportunities to MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Or...... just BLAZE TRAILS where there are none. :)

2011 Miss Plus America ELITE


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