Journey to Accept Yourself

ACCEPT YOURSELF as you are...continually working on growing and bettering yourself.
As I was journaling this morning, it became apparent that I had a difficult time accepting who God created me to be.  I still am a work in progress on this, too. 

Since my life-changing decision in 2007 to seek out how to share what's in my heart with others, I embarked on a journey of discovering, AND ACCEPTING, my gifts God created me with.  They are there for a purpose!

This journey of self-discovery and acceptance, and embracing it, has been tremendous.  It almost takes my breath away to look back and see the journey traveled.  I definitely have so much more growing to do, so much more to learn, but the journey is worth it.  The journey is what it's all about!

I encourage every woman to embrace who you are.  You were created the way you are for a reason.  Embark on that wonderful journey of self-discovery, & of how to use your gifts to serve others!

*Thankful for the journey.
*Thankful for 2nd chances to get it right!

It's never too late!


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