Politicians? Just Give Me Jesus!

We vote politicians into office to be our representatives, governors, and president, in "hopes" of taking the best care of our lives.  So, why not vote Jesus as your Lord and Savior, and know that He WILL take the best care of your life?

Look, the way I see it, most people have never seen or met their government representatives in person.  We are just trusting someone whose name is on the ballot.  We trust what they tell us in their campaign speeches.  We trust a person whom we've never spoken with.  But yet, we give him/her full range of authority over our lives.  How's that working for everyone?

So the same is with Jesus.  Outside of when Jesus lived, we've never met Him in person.  We've never seen Him.  We've never talked with Him.  So, why not take a chance with Jesus and trust Him, just as we trust our politicians whom we've never met?  He's dead, you say?  Well, aren't the politicians dead who made laws that govern our lives now?  What's the difference? 

Jesus gave us laws to live by, and an instruction manual to follow.  He gave us promises that we can take to the bank; unlike our politicians.  And, we have full access to Him!  Through prayer and His instruction manual (Bible) is how we communicate with Him, and He with us!  I can pick up the heavenly telephone anytime, anywhere, and talk with Jesus!  Unlike our politicians.  I can daily read His letters written to me.  Unlike our politicians.  My Representative's opinion is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  Unlike our politicians.  And, Jesus is alive, His word is living, and He has my best interest at heart!  Unlike some of our politicians!  We can't talk with dead people.  We can't have a relationship with dead people.  BUT, my Representative, Governor, President, and KING is very much alive!  He never sleeps, and longs to hear from me and to have a relationship with me.  He delights in our time together!  Unlike some of our politicians.

If I have to trust anyone with my life, I'll take my chances with Jesus!  So far... He has given me a beautiful life. ♥

You can have a beautiful life with, and BECAUSE of, Jesus!

NOTE:  The opinion expressed here in reference to politicians is a general statement.  Not all politicians are alike.


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