Truth: a firm foundation

The hope of this nation is not in gun control or building a wall or protests or the police.  It is not in our government or politicians or in our programs or in people.  The hope of this nation, and for this world, is in Christ Jesus.

 If I had to build my foundation and security on the hope that people will do right and make the right choices, then my hope is built on sinking sand.  And, what kind of hope is that?  It is nothing.  So then, where does that leave me as far as feeling secure and protected.  It leaves me with a lost hope, that's where.

As humans, it is innate in us to hope.  It is what propels us to live.  Hope gives us the foundation to live fearlessly.  If a person has no hope, then why even try?   And, how many times do people take their lives because they have "lost hope"?  We need hope to live.

But, hope based on the ever-changing voices of this world will eventually lead to chaos because trust is lost and no one knows what to believe.  Humans need a foundation of truths in which to depend on.  We need to be able to believe in something, someone, which will instill that hope that we need in order to live.

People are flawed.  This world is in chaos.  But, the only constant is the voice and truth of Christ.  His Word is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  It never changes, and never will.  Our government's voice changes all the time.  Plus, there are many voices in that realm, so who do you know to listen to and believe?    How can we have hope in that?  How can we tie our hope to people who lie to us, or change what "truth" is?   God's voice never will change.  His truths never will change.  In Him, we can know truth, and have a firm foundation to stand on which gives us....hope.

Our hope in Christ gives us love, calm, peace, security, protection, truth, a firm foundation, direction, assurance, and hope.   Who doesn't want that?  Don't we all want to have internal peace amidst a world in chaos?


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