How to Live in Gratitude

How is "living" in gratitude accomplished?   

Living in gratitude is a lifestyle.  It is something that can be learned, but does take discipline.  Try this exercise in helping you develop a grateful heart, thus, to live in gratitude....

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>>>> Start out for five minutes a day (and increase over time) and just stop.  Stop and close your eyes.  Empty your mind of all that is going on around you.  Dive deep within yourself, within your soul, and search for the blessings of the day.  Surely, you've had at least one in your day thus far.  Actually, you have.  You're breathing --- able to see the light of another day.  Oh, and what about your sight --- you're reading this, are you not?

     So, for five minutes of your 1,440 minutes of one day, stop, dive deep, and remind yourself of the blessings not only in your day, but in your life.  And, I want you to really focus on those blessings.  Don't just glance over them, but really think on them and be thankful. And, blessings go beyond just being materialistic.  They can be found in our attitudes, our actions, our emotions, our thoughts.  Blessings are in every area of life!  BUT, it is up to each of us to <stop>, and purposefully and mindfully call those blessings to mind and to heart.... and be thankful.

>>>>A second component to "living" in gratitude is to share your blessings with others.  Yes, our lives are blessed for our benefit, but our lives are also blessed for others.  We receive blessings in order to help others live their lives.  It would be completely selfish of us not to share the wonderfulness we've been given.  If you have eyesight, what about blessing a blind person with reading to them, or audio describing a stage play for them?  If you have hearing, what about learning sign language and being a deaf interpreter, or accompanying a deaf person on their doctor appointments?  If you have money, what about founding an orphanage in Africa, or supporting a non-profit in your community?  There are SO MANY ways you can live in gratitude!

>>>>Thirdly, we must practice living in gratitude every day.  Just like school; if we attend occasionally, we don't learn.  We must put on the attitude of gratitude daily - every morning.  If something comes along in your day that is adverse, be thankful for the opportunity in that situation to learn a lesson.  Everything in life is a lesson, and is to teach us.  Extract from every situation, positive and negative, the lesson.  In doing so, you are living in gratitude.  The opposite is to be bitter and critical.  It's your choice of how you want to live.

     Living in gratitude takes a mind and heart shift.  It is about intentional living.  It isn't something that will "just happen"; YOU have to direct your living in that direction.  But, I can guarantee you this... your life will be so much richer and calmer and sweet, when you are intentionally living with gratitude!  Try it --- you will be delighted at the results!

Living in Gratitude makes for a beautiful life!


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